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What's his full name?
Jordan Frank White.

Where born?
Cranford, New Jersey. His parents moved around a bit in the area then finally setttled in eastern Pennsylvania in the late 1980's.

Where go to college?
He graduated with an Associates degree in liberal arts from Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA, a Bachelors degree in psychology from East Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, PA and is working on a Masters degree in psychology at Shippensburg Univsity.

"Four Songs" now available on iTunes, Amazon and

When did he decide to be a songwriter?
He began playing the keyboard when he was around 6 years old, sang in a boy's choir when he was 11 and began playing the guitar at 13, and "it was only natural that I would write my own music eventually."

Who writes the songs/who else has he worked with musically?
Jordan has written most of the music and lyrics, although he has also collaborated with many other talented people from across the east coast, i.e. producer/songwriter Robert Factor, Brian Kibler, Timothy Vassa, and Rob Lilly from KineticBlu. Other contributors included producer/engineer Larry Werner (of Werner Studios) who recorded and produced KineticBlu's 2008 demo (September, Walking Clean, Days I Didn't Speak, Where To Begin) - singer/songwriter Kaya Black (The Flow, Where To Begin) - and guitarist Jeremy Troxell (Where To Begin). Jordan has also worked with singer/songwriter Tim Marchetto from American Idol season 6. He has also been in many popular cover bands (Impostar, The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers).

How did he get started in the music business?
Through hard work and sacrifice. In 2004 he started playing open mics at bars and coffee houses in the Lehigh Valley and moved on to playing real shows in 2005. Contracts, agents, tours, and W-2 forms soon followed!

What zodiac sign is he?

American Idol?
Jordan made it thru some rounds in 2006.

What other bands has Jordan been in?
Jordan has played with many bands, duos, and as a solo artist over the last several years. Some of them include Insignia, 3 Sided Letters, Black & White Letters, Jaded Son, as duos with Robert Factor and Brian Kibler, The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, Impostar, and KineticBlu.

Who are Jordan's musical influences?
In many articles in the media he credits songwriters such as Jackson Browne, Adam Duritz, James Taylor, Van Morrison and Ritchie Valens.

What radio stations play his music?
Jordan has done many shows on eastern Pennsylvania's 90.3 WXLV FM. He often plays live shows with host Phil Stahl, and oddly enough has been played in rotation all the way out in Hawaii on 92.3 FM. He has been played on the Lehigh Valley's rock station, 95.1 WZZO FM on Sunday nights, Penn's Peak radio, has been a guest on 91.7 FM WMUH and there are also several college stations scattered around the country that play his music from time to time. In early-mid 2011 he was a live guest frequently on "Live Lix at Six" on 98.1 FM out of Ocean City, MD.

Who's Phil Stahl?
Phil Stahl is a DJ on 90.3 WXLV FM and has hosted many open mic shows over Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 20 years. He is one of the major figures in the Lehigh Valley/Philadelphia music scene. He's also a great guy!

Been on any TV shows?
Jordan has appeared twice on WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News on their morning news segment called "Music Mondays" and there are many more coming soon. Click to watch:

April 2010:

April 2012:

He was also interviewed live on the show Pocono Music Talk out of Stroudsburg, PA and on the Comcast TV Philadelphia performing "Where To Begin" on The Phil Stahl Show. There are future TV appearances planned as well.  Also CBS, ABC, etc..

What magazines/newspapers/websites has Jordan appeared in?
Northampton Community College Magazine, Pulse Weekly, The Morning Call daily newspaper many times both in featured articles and for story quotations, was a featured artist on and - had several appearances in Stroudsburg, PA's The Stroud Courier & The Pocono Record, East Stroudsburg University's Alumni Magazine, The Pennsylvania Musician; was the subject of a special two-page feature in Connections Magazine (2008), The Express-Times & Exposed; also the band/artist of the week in The Metromix (for KineticBlu) several times; The Pulse (Boston, MA) - Chester County Cuisine & Nightlife, The Williamsport Sun-Gazette, The Shippensburg Slate, Free-Time in Wildwood, NJ; The Daily Local in Towanda, PA, The Pottstown Mercury in Pottstown, PA, The Cranford Chronicle in Cranford, NJ, The Flipside, The Ticket, The Phila-News and The North-East Times from Philadelphia, PA, The Times-Leader in Wilkes-Barre, PA; The Daily American in Somerset, PA, LV Magazine from Allentown, PA, The Lansdale Reporter from Lansdale, PA and many others.... *at this point there's becoming too many to list, so please click here to view them on the Press Page:

Sony Music and "September"?
Sony Music/Red Distribution handles releases for 60+ record labels, one of them being Quikstar. In January 2010, Quikstar chose White's original song "September" (recorded with KineticBlu) to be included on an all-digital compilation released nationally on major websites that sell MP3's (Amazon, iTunes, MSN, Napster etc.) You can purchase the track for .99 cents by going to these links:

on iTunes:

on Amazon:

(For those links, "September" is on Disc 2, Track 10)

What types of guitars/pianos/equipment?
Martin, Gibson and Taylor acoustic guitars, Fender electric guitars - a '69 Telecaster Thinline Deluxe. He is sponsored by Martin Guitar and therefore uses/endorses their acoustic guitar strings and products. For pianos/keyboards, a Yamaha T121 studio upright acoustic piano, Yamaha digital P-60 grand stage keyboard (88 key), and a Casio CTK-7000 keyboard (61 key). For live performances the sound is usually controlled by Behringer amps, Peavey towers and monitors, Shure wired & wireless microphones such as SM58 vocal, and PG57 instrument mics; also uses Shure inner-ear wireless monitoring systems (PSM200).

Favorite albums?
In no particular order:

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (1991)

Jackson Browne - The Pretender (1974)

Third Eye Blind - Blue (1999)

Counting Crows - This Desert Life (1999)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Colline & The Infinite Sadness (1995)

Books has read or currently been reading?
With the 2007 death of Kurt Vonnegut, he said he re-read one of his best works, "Slaughter House Five." Recommends: "Jarhead" - "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gardner and has said in another interview that his favorite book is "A Seperate Peace" by John Knowles. Others include classics such as "The Great Gatsby" - "Flowers For Algernon" - "The Catcher In The Rye" by J.D. Salinger and "Atlas Shrugged" and "Anthem" by Ayn Rand. Also the poetry of Jim Morrison and "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac, "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and has been reading more Ayn Rand lately such as "The Fountainhead."

Are there any music videos?
KineticBlu filmed a video for their song "September" and there is a live/documentary style video for their song "Walking Clean." Check and search for "Jordan White KineticBlu" on and you will find there are many others videos out there of live performances and some cover tunes.

-"September" -

-"Walking Clean" -

A video for the acoustic song "Engine of the Ocean" filmed in November 2006 on the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ can be seen by visiting the MySpace page.

Who is Riley, the "official mascot?"
Riley is an adult female 3 1/2 lb purebred Chihuahua that is one of the cutest dogs ever. She lives as a spoiled little pup from Lansdale, PA. We appointed her as our "mascot" (though she didn't have much of a say in the matter). You will find random photos of her in many places on this website and she also has a Facebook page so you can be her friend and see what she's up to. Just go here:

Has he won any awards?
Jordan and KineticBlu were nominated for three 2008 Lehigh Valley Music Awards, including "Best Original Band" and "Best Lyrics" and were once again nominated for three 2010 Lehigh Valley awards in October 2010, this time for "Best Songwriter" and "Best Lyrics" and "Best Band Myspace" and performed at the event in December 2010 in Allentown, PA. KineticBlu was also named the website
Alternative Addiction's "Next Big Thing" for the month of October 2010 in which fans cast their votes via an online ballot.

As of September 2011, Jordan was again nominated for two 2011 Lehigh Valley Music Awards, including "Best Songwriter" and "Best Male Vocalist." Thank you for your nominations!!

Are there any DVDs of shows or performances?
Yes. There is a DVD entitled "Lehigh Valley Acoustic Performers Contest 2005" with 3 other acts (Jordan placed 2nd). There are a couple others: "Live at the Madison Ridge" where he played "Where To Begin", a live taping of his show at the Northeast Performing Arts Festival in October 2005, and a taping from a live set at "The Grand Theatre" in East Greenville, PA in May 2006. The music video for "September" is also available on YouTube (just search there for Jordan White/KineticBlu/September).

There is a recent DVD from a live acoustic performance from the Paul Robeson Center For The Arts in Princeton, NJ that aired on Comcast and Verizon TV networks in New Jersey in May 2011. Portions of that performance will be available online soon, so keep checking back.

What is "Care Package" and how can I get a copy?
"Care Package" was a compilation CD released from artists across the country to help aid victims of the devastating December 2004 Tsunami in Asia. Jordan's song "Baby's Breath" landed on the CD which was released by Bamboo Bird Records in March 2005. You can learn more about Care Package and/or purchase a copy at (note: the Care Package link may be down at this time)

How did he get involved with "Care Package"?
"Basically there were a lot of, it was alot of artists interested in being included on the CD.... and uh, basically I sent them a song and they said 'we really dig this song' and can we put this on the CD, you know, and thats what happened." - "Pocono Music Talk" TV taping in 2006

Is there going to be another "Care Package" CD?
Doesn't look like it, but if anything comes up it will be posted here.

I sent in an e-mail for a free CD, but I never received one. Why not?
Probably for one of two reasons: 1) Due to international shipping costs, the free CD promotion does not extend to outside of the United States, and 2) Sometimes we receive 100-200 requests per week and we're wayyyy and do I mean wayyyy behind. Email us at for more info.

Who's Kaya Black?
Kaya Black is a singer/songwriter who was a member of Black and White Letters with Jordan. He contributed background vocals and guitar parts in some of the earliest demos. His website is Black now resides in Washington D.C.

What is "Amethyst" and can I find the song anywhere?
According to, amethyst is "a clear purple or bluish-violet variety of crystallized quartz that is often used as a jeweler's stone, or a variety of deep or moderate purple." The song "Amethyst" was written sometime in 1999 and is occasionally asked about but I don't know if it has or gets played.

What's that song that plays before he comes out on stage sometimes?
"New Orleans Instrumental" by the band R.E.M.

Does this website have anything to do with the
We have nothing to do with it and don't know or have any affiliation with any of the person(s) who run it. This person explains on his or her website that "Jordan White" is not their actual birth name anyway.

So there are lyrics to a song called "I'm Not There" by a Jordan White at this link. Are they his?
No bloody way, those lyrics are complete garbage. I don't know who the author is but it's not one of ours.

If you Google "Jordan White" other websites come up about people with the same name and some are even involved with music. What's the deal?
Honestly I have no clue and it's kind of bizarre. "Jordan White" isn't much of a common name yet there are other folks that are apparently also musicians and such. I'm going to say it's just a coincidence, but just for the record our website has been online since 2003. There are also at least three athletes named Jordan White that have presence on the web (soccer, hockey, and football).

Who's the girl singing on the "Where To Begin" demo and why doesn't she sing in the newer version?
Her name is Katie Williams, a professional singer from Long Island. She was friends with the band Black & White Letters and recorded background vocals for the song in 2005. The song was recorded again by KineticBlu as part of a demo in late 2008 although it did not include Ms. William's vocals.

What's "Twin Gap Farms" mentioned in the song "The Flow"?
Twin Gap Farms is the name of a housing development in rural north-eastern Pennsylvania where he spent alot of time with an ex-girlfriend, many years ago.

Is "Baby's Breath" about abortion?
From the
lyrics section of the website: "The song is not pro or anti anything; I don't think I have the right to make that decision. It's about someone who finds themselves struggling just by having to choose in the first place."

Where can I listen to the song "In Too Deep"?
You may listen to a demo of the song on the official MySpace page at

Who officially represents?
He has worked with D. Buhay for management and bookings for the Allentown, PA area, and also Media Five Entertainment (Bethlehem, PA).
Media Five has worked with successful rock bands from the area like Live, Fuel, Breaking Benjamin, and The Badlees.

Best way to contact?
Send an email to and we will respond promptly.